BHP Shorts 032: 120% is BS

Let’s pretend you have a piping hot, mouth-watering pizza in front of you.

If ask you to give me 100% of your pizza, is that a possibility?

Absolutely, that is possible. (Likely? Not so much, but let’s stay focused.)

NOW, if I ask you to give me 120% of your pizza, is that possible?


If I ask you to draw a circle graph that represents 120% of your energy, can you do that?

Again, no.

A circle - be it a chart or a pizza can only total 100%.

I use these visual to establish a common agreement, that 100% is by definition, ALL of a thing.

There is nothing more than 100%.

We can’t give 110% or 120%, no matter how HAM or #hustlenation we want to be.

Sure it looks and good for hustle nation on social media, but the truth is, if you can give more, you weren’t giving all you had to begin with.

If you can find an extra 10 or 20% to give, you were only giving 80-90% to begin with.

That’s the thing about giving our all… there’s nothing left in the tank.

Isn’t that all we can ask for from ourselves and others: Total commitment and full effort?

Ryland Hormel