BHP 012: Tarzan and Sprout | Acro Yoga, Play, Connection and Communication

Santa Monica, California – 5 minutes after I met Nicolas Coolridge I was suspended in midair, hanging from his body with no safety net.

I didn’t even know his name was Nicolas until we grabbed food after our Acro Yoga session on Muscle Beach.

An American Ninja Warrior mainstay, Tarzan, as Nicolas is known (and how he introduces himself), is perhaps the most famous Acro Yoga enthusiast in a rapidly growing community of movement fanatics.

Within 5 minutes of meeting each other, we were supporting each other in gravity-defying Acro Yoga poses that had us communicating, working together, laughing, and… touching.

My experience in meeting Tarzan is not unique, and it highlights his passion for Acro and his ability to make instant connections while sharing and spreading the sport of Acro Yoga.

We caught up with Tarzan and his acro partner, Dana – aka AcroSprout to talk about the sport of Acro Yoga, the power of human connection, play, communication, teamwork, and much more.

Show Notes Ep. 12 – Acro Yoga Stars Tarzan and Sprout talk Human Connection, Play, Communication and the Power of Self-Expression.

  • How to balance social media and real life when you use social media to make a living: Feeling connected to your following versus how to truly be in the moment in your life. (5:25)

  • How a health scare forced Dana to take her health into her own hands, why she met with multiple doctors until she found the right one for her, and how to do your own research when it comes to your own body & health. (10:07)

  • “I have got it down to a science with my own body and everything I do.” Success tips and routines from Tarzan that he implements each and every morning. (18:00)

  • The accident that left Tarzan homeless and lucky to be alive…. (24:34)

  • The power of Acro Yoga (and why it’s great for relationships): communication, trust, teamwork, self-expression and human connection. (34:48)

  • “We love to teach fun.” – How you can get started with Acro Yoga and accomplish new feats. (46:00)

  • The upcoming Acro Yoga Van Trip across the US. (50:18)

  • Tips to #BeBetter #DoBetter with Dana and Tarzan. (56:30)

    • There is always a positive way to look at anything and everything.

    • Always be kind, you do not know what other people are going through.

    • Express your true self and be you.

    • Don’t let your ego get the best of you.

Featured Guest(s)

  • Nicholas Coolridge (@moderntarzan) • Instagram | Website

  • Dana, aka Acro Sprout (@acrosprout) • Instagram | Website

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