BHP 033: Adam Linkenauger | Success in Sport, Business, and Life

Adam Linkenauger is finally on the podcast!

I’m so honored to call this human my best friend since we were 12 years old.

All he’s done in the last 20 years is inspire & help millions, including me. (Not hyperbole: his YouTube channel has more than 1 Million subscribers.)

He founded the world’s largest basketball training company with I Love Basketball TV, created another thriving business, Sport Of Business, where he helps others build their dreams and change the world – AND he’s the most decorated athlete in ACC history!

3 Lessons from Adam:

  1. Reverse engineer processes to ensure you get the result you seek

  2. Be your unique self. Don’t be afraid to swim upstream. Zig when others zag (but don’t do it simply to be contrarian.)

  3. Outwork everyone.

Listen to the full show for these and many more lessons from Adam.

Ryland Hormel