BHP 034: Jacki Carr | Become a Better Speaker and Rock Your Bliss

Jacki Carr is a leadership consultant, goal coach, speaker, nature lover, wife and mother of 2.

More specifically, she’s the co-founder of ROCK YOUR BLISS, a yoga and goals movement inspiring and empowering others to live the life of their dreams through retreats, workshops and trainings around this beautiful globe.

She’s also a highly sought after leadership, communications, and speaking coach.

Throughout her many endeavors, Jacki is clearly passionate about being of service as a catalyst to help others rock their goals. She has the keen ability to listen on a deeper level, see the big picture and be absolutely real and honest with you – qualities that will be incredibly obvious as you listen to this episode of the Better Human Project podcast.    

Better Human Project Show Notes Ep. 34 – Rock Your Bliss with Jacki Carr

  • Ditching the big city, for the Rocky Mountains and all the flannel. (2:33)

  • Jacki’s thoughts on battling the overstimulation of screens and social media and its impact on our bodies. (4:23)

  • Balance is trendy. Change is constant. (6:45)

  • The duality of motherhood: embracing the wild of children while at the same time providing boundaries. (9:30)

  • The language and communication required for healthy partnerships (personal and professional). (14:10)

  • The pivotal moment that changed the course of her life. (16:38)

  • Being alive: the idea of allowing someone to love you yet also being open to something failing. (23:05)

  • Leading from self. How we can lead our lives to leave the legacy we want. (25:45)

  • Jacki’s “Shift List” to check herself. (28:20)

  • How we hold on to narratives that get sticky, Jacki’s relationship with women, how she overcame these to forge a powerful, positive relationship with her Rock Your Bliss co-founder. (30:10)

  • The importance of coaching and living by example. (35:35)

  • Do the things that are not comfortable and tackle them head on. (40:40)

  • Knowing your purpose and how language creates our reality. (43:13)

  • Should we all get a mustache tattoo on our finger? (48:58)

  • Why we all need people around us who will call us out when needed. (51:35)

  • Jacki’s tips to #BeBetter and #DoBetter as a human: (55:11)

    • Reattach that cord from your mind to your body.

    • Find your people and get real with them.

    • Offer up your gifts NOW even if it’s scary.

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