BHP 008: Lindsey Matthews | BIRTHFIT

BIRTHFIT founder and CEO Lindsey Matthews joins us on the Better Human Project to talk BIRTHFIT, hormones, relationships, movement practices, posture, and more.

What You’ll Learn from Lindsey Matthews on Episode 8 of the Better Human Project Podcast

  • Health begins on the inside.

  • The 4 pillars of BIRTHFIT and how Lindsey used them to recover from her own setback

  • Why everyone, especially expecting mothers need to start a movement practice.

  • The power of breath and the McKenzie Protocol.

  • The industrialization of the birth process – and how women can explore their different options for the birth they want

  • The misconceptions about pre-conception

  • Planning your training, nutrition, and even your workflow to match the phases of your monthly cycle

  • Mastering the different areas of life: work, home, relationships, and more – “you are going to grow and evolve and it’s up to you to put energy into it to make it continue.”

  • Dynamic Neuromuscular Stabilization: what is it and how finding DNS was the missing piece and light bulb moment for Lindsey in her personal and professional evolutions

  • “Right now our society is doing a piss poor job on both sides of the mountain.” The struggles women face postpartum and how BIRTHFIT is tackling this problem.

  • “Change is not going to occur until we start speaking with our money.” – find out what we can do right now to drive the changes we want to see.

  • Lindsey’s #1 Tip To Be a Better Human: It starts with your mindset, embrace a growth set mindset in everything that you do.

  • Lindsey’s #1 Tip To Do Better: Getting out of your own story and going into the story of the person through their own eyes.

Strong women build strong babies who build a better world.

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