BHP 057: Ryland and Ryan | Better Human Project Changes & Updatesc

In Volume 2 of our annual Better Human Project “State Of The Project” episode, also referred to as Ry and Ry, or Ry Squared, we reflect on and re-examine what the Better Human Project is and where it is going.

Changes are coming to the podcast and we lay them out in this episode. In short, we feel like we’re capable of more and we’re going to push ourselves to bring you both more and better.

More episodes per week, and “better” content. Tune in to hear us explain what we mean:

Episode #57 Show Notes w/ Ryland Hormel and Ryan Munsey

  • More (and better) episodes! Moving to 2 shows per week

  • Short episodes with Ryan (5-15 minutes) once per week

  • Produced/NPR-style episodes on topics vital to the human experience

  • Fewer long-form interviews – still doing them, but they won’t be the main “product”

  • Why? We want to push ourselves creatively and artistically. We want to bring you better/faster/more impactful podcast episodes

  • What? Socially relevant topics, topics that touch on universal human experiences: like trauma, vulnerability, courage, trust – and those are just the first 4…

  • When we started the BHP we didn’t want to be “just another podcast” – we’re examining what we’re doing; identifying the gap between where we are and where we want to be;  and working to create a show that is closer to our ideal

  • Poignant – a podcast with a purpose requires intentional and purposeful episodes. That’s the direction we’re heading.

  • More interactive & more feedback from you guys:

    • Email us at:

    • Send us a voice message as a DM on Instagram – we’ll take your audio and add it to future episodes of the BHP, so you can be a part of our shows and hear yourself on the BHP

    • Facebook group?

  • Coming Soon! The Better Human Project Coffee Table Book: 104 Ways To Be A Better Human

  • #1 Tips from Ryland and Ryan to:

    • Be Better

    • Do Better

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