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Shut the f*ck up and listen
— Mark Kubr

A weekly podcast where we explore what it means to be human. Our job is to break down the human experience into highly digestible topics so you can learn and grow productively. If you are looking for a place to explore such topics as vulnerability, trauma, fear, and trust, then you have come to the right place. Our show is hosted by the curious human, Ryan Munsey.

We explore individual elements of the human experience and use interviews with experts and storytellers to bring context and understanding to the various topics. We release these episodes in 5, 10, 15 and 20 minute segments. Our purpose in exploring the human experience is to help you understand how to be better (for self) and do better (for others).


Ryan Munsey

Thought leader, speaker, and writer, Ryan is the author of F*ck Your Feelings, and a high performance consultant for individuals and organizations committed to growth and positive impact. His clients include Olympic and professional athletes, Special Forces operators, Hollywood Celebrities, entrepreneurs and C-level executives.


Josh Crowther

With a positive attitude, some patience and a good set of tools, Josh believes there’s nothing you can’t fix. After a decade working in concert production around New England, he took off a summer to travel the country and hasn’t stopped chasing new stories and new adventures since.


Ryland hormel

A talented visual storyteller with a knack for entrepreneurship, Ryland is the founder of Roots Visuals, a digital media agency while also serving as the Creative Director at Live Better, a company that helps people live their Best Day Ever, every single day.

The Community

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The Better Human Project is fueled by the hundreds of interviews we have with some of the worlds top thinkers and storytellers. We seek perspective shifting ideas and stories to help us understand what it means to be human. Our community is made up of doctors, philosophers, olympic athletes, veterans, entrepreneurs and other extraordinary humans.