The Studio on Wheels

Before we all knew each other Ryland was summering in Portland building a digital media brand. One of those growth strategies was a longshot email addressed to Ryan Munsey (co-founder) who Ryland had been listening to for years on Ryan’s previous podcast. We like to think this entire project began when Ryland hit that send button. That email is a microcosm of what this Better Human Project journey is and will continue to be - us deciding to send it with crazy ideas, being open to change and staying curious in the pursuit for the understanding of what makes us human.

We launched the Better Human Project Podcast and the rest is history. Well, that was true until the night where Ryland and Josh were sitting around the fire talking story and sharing ideas. They came up with this crazy idea to retrofit the 1993 28ft RV Ryland had purchased earlier in the year and turn it into a mobile podcast recording studio.

Now most ideas like this sound great in the moment and then go to the graveyard to rest away alongside all of those other crazy and overly ambitious ideas. Not this time!

Josh ended up building out the RV in a months time and we hit the road: Josh the audio/RV guy, Ryland the creative and Ryan the host - thus launching the ever-evolving Better Human Project. After all this is a project, built with integrity and curiosity and we aim to always respect that.


Josh Building the Studio

Josh spent an entire month designing and building our studio on wheels.


With some help from friends

We were ready to hit the road…


Driven by Passion, Fueled by curiosity


On our first trip

We recorded over twenty interviews in ten days.